Testimonials from diversity, equity, and inclusion workshops and trainings between 2013-2016:

Facilitation and Presentation Style

  • “Rosemary is a pro at making a ‘training class’ an internal acting discussion so we all learn from each other and discussion is calibrated to where groups are coming from.”
  • “I enjoyed the opportunity to be able to have a dialogue with my peers. I really liked that the session was so interactive.”
  • “Rosemary made the audience very comfortable with opening up and discussing their thoughts and needs.”
  • “Rosemary was really adept at responding and flexing to the needs, concerns and responses from the group.”
  • “I liked the variety of individual and group exercises to get at themes.”


Training Content

  • “Fantastic!”
  • “Eye opening!”
  • “I have participated in many workshops like this one before. I also enjoy engaging with new people, observing different styles of facilitation, and continuing my own learning. This was a great opportunity to continue to be engaged in social justice learning.”
  • “Made me think about things differently as it relates to my own identity and how it informs what I do and feel.”
  • “This workshop was very useful in 1) opening up conversation at the highest level of the organization, 2) establishing a common language for the staff and board.”


Consultant Expertise

  • “I loved that the presenter (Rosemary) had experience and education in this topic. Her passion and knowledge were evident and really helped foster a learning environment.”
  • “[Rosemary is] exceptionally knowledgeable”
  • “[Rosemary is] well prepared, confident and self-assured. Took risks, modeled risk taking.”


“Rose is a pleasure to work with, as she is both professional and client-oriented.  Her consultative skills are very strong and her knowledge of social justice issues is exemplary. Rose has collaborated with our training and development team on an enterprise-wide cultural competence initiative in our healthcare organization.  Her knowledge of diversity and cultural competence in health care has been very instrumental to the success of the program thus far.  Rose is also an excellent facilitator who has a good understanding of adult learning principles along with the ability to create a comfortable physical learning environment where participants can appropriately share their experiences.  I am increasingly impressed with Rose’s cultural awareness skills.  She clearly models an effective approach to cross-cultural communications.  I would recommend Rose to any organization focused on social justice issues.”

Lila Asante-Appiah, MATD, PHR

Vice President

Human Resources, Org Development & Risk Management

Planned Parenthood Mid and South Michigan

March 2012

“When running a workshop –especially a diversity workshop—the worst thing for a trainer can be complete silence from the participants. Not for Rosemary. She is willing to lean into the silence to allow the participants time to think and respond. She is intent upon creating a safe space for all voices, from the eager to the reticent.”

Desiree Cooper

Director of Community and Media Relations

Planned Parenthood Mid and South Michigan

March 2012

“We would like to thank you for facilitating one of our community meetings for the U-M Understanding RACE Project.  We know it’s not easy for most folks to have a conversation about race but your facilitation style mixed with empathy and a little bit of humor really put our participants at ease. The mix of activities kept the conversation moving and allowed everything to flow without getting dull. I think most people walked away hungry for more, which is always a good thing!  Thank you for going over and beyond the call of duty and we look forward to working with you again.”

Zarinah El-Amin Naeem

Community Engagement Liaison

U-M Museum of Natural History

February 2012


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