Cross Movement Social Justice Consulting, L3C

5 03 2018


Rosemary has devoted her work and studies to promoting social change through capacity building projects within the nonprofit sector. Throughout her academic and professional trajectories, she has organized, designed, and facilitated educational events, workshops, trainings, and consulting engagements for an extensive portfolio of clients. She has worked with charitable organizations, philanthropic communities, social justice movements and social entrepreneurs. In 2010 she graduated from New York University with a Master of Public Administration. Prior to graduate school, she worked for the Arcus Foundation. A unique facet of her customized consulting approach is the application of an intersectional social equity lens to drive strategic outcomes.

“As a bilingual, bicultural, bisexual millennial, I hold the themes of diversity, equity, and inclusion within the nonprofit sector close to my heart. My identities and experiences in this sector have inspired me to support revolutionary acts.  Being a child of a Cuban immigrant, I use the term “revolutionary” in a sincere and delicate way that honors both the loud, violent revolutions of the past and present, along with the less obvious, humble revolutions that occur quietly on a daily basis.”





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